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The Planning and Inspections Department is responsible for the City’s long range and current planning to ensure compliance with the City’s comprehensive plan (Plan El Paso) as well as state and local regulations. Some important tools used to implement the comprehensive plan are the Subdivision Code (Title 19), the Zoning Code (Title 20) and the SmartCode(Title 21). The purpose of a subdivision or plat is to ensure that adequate infrastructure (transportation, water, drainage, utilities, parks, public facilities, etc.) is provided to serve a proposed development. The purpose of zoning is to protect the public’s health, safety and general welfare. Property must be zoned for a given use before a building permit will be issued, and development plans for the property must comply with the applicable standards for that zoning district. The SmartCode was adopted in 2008 to encourage “smart growth” development patterns that include walkable neighborhoods with a mix of densities and uses.

Subdivision, zoning and SmartCode applications are all accepted and reviewed by the Planning and Inspections Department staff. Most applications follow a public hearing process and are approved by the City Plan Commission, the Zoning Board of Adjustment and/or the City Council.

For more information, contact:

Carlos Gallinar – Planning Deputy Director: 915-212-1559
David Coronado – Planning and Inspections Program Manager: 915-212-1568

Kimberly Forsyth – Lead Planner, Subdivisions: 915-212-1563
Alex Hoffman – Lead Planner, Zoning/ZBA: 915-212-1566

Linda Castle – Senior Planner, Zoning/ZBA: 915-212-1611
Arturo Rubio – Senior Planner, Zoning/ZBA: 915-212-1613

Harrison Plourde – Planner, Long Range: 915-212-1584
Mariano Soto – Planner, Long Range: 915-212-1585

Fred Lopez – Transportation Planning Administration: 915-212-1564

Kareem Dallo – Engineering Manager, Land Development: 915-212-1560
Ana Castillo – Engineering Associate, Land Development: 915-212-1573

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