November 8, 2022 - General Election

Office Sought Place on Ballot Name on Ballot 30th day before 8th day before 15th day after campaign treasurer appointment Over $940 Final Report 8th Day Before Run-Off
Representative District 1 1 Dave Jones  PDF          
  2 Brian Kennedy PDF PDF PDF       PDF
  3 Analisa Cordova Silverstein PDF PDF PDF       PDF
  4 Freddy Klayel Avalos     PDF      
  5 Deliris "DMB" Montanez Berrios PDF PDF        
  6 Lauren Ferris PDF PDF        
  7 Erin Tague PDF PDF        
Representative District 5 1 Isabel Salcido (incumbent)  PDF PDF PDF PDF        
  2 Richard Genera PDF PDF        
  3 Felix J. Munoz PDF PDF        
Representative District 6 1 Claudia Lizette Rodriguez (incumbent)  PDF PDF PDF PDF PDF PDFPDFPDF       PDF
  2 Benjamin J. Leyva PDF        
  3 Cristian Botello PDF PDF        
  4 Art Fierro PDFPDF PDF       PDF
Representative District 8 1 Bettina Olivares PDF PDF PDF       PDF
  2 Chris Canales PDF PDF       PDF
  3 Rich Wright PDF PDF PDF        
  Write-In Cruz Morales Jr. (name to appear on the list of declared write-in candidates) PDF PDF        
Muncipal Court No. 4
1 Enrique A. Holguin (to fill an unexpired term)            
Other Filings   El Pasoans for Fair Elections            
    El Paso Progress PAC PDF PDF        



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