Remembering... August 3rd

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We will fight for you & your memory, while focusing on change.

Crystal Jones

I am so sorry for the loss of life here.

Bonnie Freeman

Bless your heavenly spirit, and may God console your families. I am native El Pasoan, and will never forget.

Joseph Antone

To the families of the victims we send our condolences and hope that you are healing from this horrible loss.

Mary & Steve Throne

May we find peace and comfort in the joyful memories of loved ones lost & strength in our community.

Yanira Aguilar / Horizon City, TX

May we find peace and comfort in the joyful memories of loved ones lost & strength in our community.

Yanira Aguilar / Horizon City, TX

Thinking of the families...


Never forget the evil that we saw that day.He targeted us because we are Mexican. He did not defeat us

Lisa M

Sending comfort and strength to those affected by this tragedy. We will not forget.

Chris Cupp

Sending lots of love to you all from us here in Oregon

Jeanne Eddy

My condolences to all those who lost someone. I know you hurt still this day. We stand with you. #EPSTRONG


I will never stop working for positive change. Bless You ALL 🕊🤲🏼

I will never forget. 🕯


Any loss of life should hurt us all as we are desendents of immigrants. We must do everything we can to stop t

Leona Mae DeGraw Kempner, Texas

El Paso Strong <3

Viridiana Hernandez Fuentes

with your loved ones.

loss, and special memories shared

May 2024 bring you comfort in your

Laurie Newendorp

My heart goes out to all of the family and friends of the victims of this horrible tragedy.


I pray That the wonderful times you shared with your loved ones be comforting 🙏🥰

Bette Mulley

💔No More Anniversary’s like this one. Please!


Rest in peace and power.

AJ Cho

You are in our hearts. Never Forget.

Janet Hermann Dougherty

I’m so sorry for your losses. I pray for your healing. May your loved ones forever RIP.🙏🩵

Debbie Dennng

Forever in our hearts

Elysia Soria

Our worst day, and yet Love arose as multitudes joined to surround victims' families with compassion. EPStrong

Jeri Hallberg

May Hashem Bless and console all families of victims. May we pray especially for the Englisbee Families.

Jeri Hallberg

The spirits of twenty three fellow humans are surely in our midst, inspiring us to work for greater tolerance.

Estela Padilla

My condolences to those who lost someone. I know you hurt till this day. We stand with you. #EPSTRONG

Candace Radtke

So sorry for your loss. May those who are no longer with your community be the bright light in your life.


Mis pensamientos están con mis compañeros de El Paso, aquellos que perdimos y sus familias. ¡El Paso Fuerte!


My thought are with my fellow El Pasoans, those we lost, and their families. El Paso Fuerte!


So sorry this happened and to the families I hope you have peace.


We will continue to commit ourselves to counteract prejudice, etc. as your loved ones continue to inspire us.

Michele Chapman

Thinking of all these families with deep sympathy. Wishing this could move our country to be so much better.


Keep the strength. Keep up the work. Try to stay positive and in love. We can (and will) make a difference.

KayLynn Lyon

My prayers are with all El Pasoans suffering this tragic loss ! God bless everyone in EP!🙏💜

Becky Vela

As a native El Pasoan who lives here, my condolences.It's not Gov Abbotts fault, it's the Evil in the heart.

Joe Soto

Write to your state and federal legislators to support prevention of racist attacks. Activism leads to change

Marilyn Guida

My heart goes out to everyone who lost family/friends in this tragedy. May God's Grace shine upon you.

Karen Boyd

You were senselessly taken from your families and communities. You are Remembered and I pray for healing.


I hold each and every one of you and your families and loved ones in my heart and prayers. R.I.P.

Linda Sukla

Remembering with sorrow lives lost, dreams shattered, hearts broken. We must make meaningful amends.


We shall never forget!

William Snider

Today we rise together to remember and honor those taken from us too soon. Sending love to everyone #EPStrong

Wesley Lawrence

May the memory live on for these 23 beautiful folks. I will pray for the continuing healing of the ElPasoans.

Willene Bodine

I remember you, you have not been forgotten.


I hope you can find peace & comfort by recalling happy memories of your loved ones . you remain in our prayers

Brenda Power

Sending love and strength to the El Paso community from California.

Carla Storz

I can't imagine the grieving you're going through. Please keep your chin up for us.

Lauryn Gayle

Thinking about El Paso.

Cynthia Watson

Praying for you all, God bless!

Michael Rhodes

💔 in our nation have come from unfortunate broken minds. May peaceful thoughts & blessings find you today.

Veda Kull + Richard Kull

We will never forget. My heart goes out to everyone that has been affected by this.

Whitney Ware

Thinking and praying for everyone affected by this tragedy.

Debi R Cox

Today, I hope you find comfort in knowing I will never forget the loss of your loved one. ❤️🙏❤️

Debbie Sohl

Rest gently sweet innocent souls. Peace to you and your families


I hope those of you whose family members were murdered have wonderful memories of those taken from you.

Robert Brown

Sending prayers

Carol Weatherford

This wrings my heart. May we get ourselves out of this slaughter-fest!

Sarah McKee

Speaking from Vermont, thinking often of you. ❤️Jill

Jill Michaels

Lifting all affected by this horrible act up to the Divine Being who carries us and comforts us.

Rhenda Gray

May God Bless all of you. Prayers sent from Southern CA.


My deepest sympathy to everyone who lost a loved one in this senseless violence.

Anne Johnson

I am so sorry for your losses.

Edythe Kirk

My condolences to all the families that have lost a loved one.

Irma Munoz

My heart breaks for you all. God bless you. Maybe soon our leadership in Texas will change.

Debbie Nix

My heart breaks for the lives lost and the pain and suffering of those families left to carry on. I’m sorry!


I am so sorry for your loss and I praying for the families. May God bless Texas by freeing us from Greg Abbott

Nancy Kossman

We will never stop fighting for the changes we must bring to our culture to prevent this from ever happening.

Mark Victor

You are not forgotten—you are remembered with love.

Laura Chandler

I am thinking of all of you today...and most days. I pray every day that things will change in our state.

Bena O.

Standing strong with El Paso Strong

NM Creatrix

May God embrace them in His loving arms.

The Rev Charles H Hensel


Stephanie Baddour

From Galveston, Robyn and I share a moment of silence and an unending promise to remember El Paso's holocaust.

William Hensel

never forget

Sheila Winston

Praying for the peace of God wash over all those affected by this tragedy. This country has to do better.


Every life lost is a treasure and must be honored. We honor all of your losses.

Claire L Rothnan

Every life lost is a treasure and must be honored. We honor all of your losses.

Claire L Rothnan

My heart is broken for you , your child and your community 💔💔💔


I will never forget what happened in El Paso. Another tragedy that could have been avoided.

Laura Guerrero

El Paso embodies strength and courage. I grew up here and have seen it first-hand. El Paso Strong.

Amerika Torres

So tired of hypocritical thoughts and prayers😫


May your happy memories of your loved ones bring you comfort in these hard times.

Maria Luisa Perez

Family, I continue to pray for God’s grace, mercy and comfort as we continue to grieve the loss of loved ones.

Annie Brooks

I do not have the words. As a Texan, I will fight for change!

Jennifer Thrift

My heart breaks for the victims and their families. May God bless you all.

Carrol Strain

You are not forgotten

Joshua Palacio

Love from Seattle to those who have lost loved one

Kurt Heintz

May you all be surrounded by an outpouring of love, everlasting kindness, and unwavering support. Always.


May they rest in peace with Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, the Holy Family.

Robert Hernandez

In our darkest times we should not forget, and hold hope for a better future where wisdom and truth triumphs.

Daughter of Gloria Irma Marquez

Please know that we have not forgotten, and never will. Feel the love and support. We have to be strong.

Deborah Lackowitz

Love moves mountains.

Karla Romero

My thoughts are with families aand friends of victims and the people of El Paso wno all suffered this tragedy.

Trudy Hill

You are not forgotten ❤️


May the spirits of those lost bring strength to all of us going forward.

Mary Anne Richards

May your memory be a blessing.

Cynthia S

Please know that GOD is with you all. You will always be loved and never forgotten.

Denise Bell

I send my love, my prayers, and my hopes for another tragedy to NEVERl NEVER happen again.

Charles Roth

We will never forget.


I am so sorry for your loss, and so sorry that these things happen in America. Bless you.

Ree Bebetu-Klain

In our darkest times we should not forget, and hold hope for a better future where wisdom and truth triumphs.

Karla Romero

May God continue to grant healing & peace to our community and all of those impacted by this horrible event.


Holding all those lost and all those who suffer close in heart.

Joyce Davidoff & Mike White

Que la unión de nuestra comunidad ayude a sanar los corazones de los afectados.

Sabrina Zuniga

May our city continue to heal.

Isaiah Iturralde

Nuestras más sinceras condolencias

Ulises Nevárez

Let us keep the memory of those lost alive, not only in our thoughts but also in our actions. #NeverForget

Veronica Frescas

Remembering those lost❤️🙏❤️

Margarita Gallegos

Remembering those lost❤️🙏❤️

Margarita Gallegos

Remembering those lost❤️🙏❤️

Margarita Gallegos

Remembering those lost❤️🙏❤️

Margarita Gallegos

Remembering those lost❤️🙏❤️

Margarita Gallegos

We will never forget the innocent lives that were taken on this day. As El Pasoans we remain, El Paso Strong!

Norma Fisher-Flores

Our hearts are forever broken by this tragedy. Together we remember the victims and the survivors.


UTEP still has this powerful exhibit:

Larry Lesser

A day none of us will ever forget. May you all Rest In Peace and your families stay forever strong…


buenas tardes

edgar garcia

I want to sent condolences to the victims of august 3 family’s members we are stronger together

Edgar pulido

You will never be forgotten...

Mike & Melody

Remembering and praying for all the families involved. May they find everlasting peace and love.


May everyone find strength and forgiveness...

La Mueka

Forever embedded in our hearts; may you find peace.


May they always be remembered


Peace be with you. 🙏

Diana Rodriguez

Keeping you in prayer…🙏🙏🙏

Most Holy Trinity Catholic School

It'll be okay.


May God be with you and comfort you in your mental anguish! The murdered loved ones are forever in memories!


May God Bless each and everyone of you with healing and peace now, and forever!


May every person taken be remembered forever. They rest in God’s arms.

Barbara Alvarez

My heart bleeds for every soul taken on that fateful day. May God have them in his Glory far from hate & evil.

Luz Ortiz

Sending love and healing thoughts to those that are grieving their loved ones. This should never have happened


I am so sorry for your loss


Sending loving thoughts for healing.

We shall never forget.

Carol LaBonte

May you never have to identify a loved one by the distinctive shoes they were wearing.


I can not put into words the feeling I have for the victims and their families🙏RIP♥️🙏

Kimberly Saunders

The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind.

Before they're forever banned?

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