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El Paso 150

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I love our sunsets with the mountain view lining the red, orange and yellow hues. I love our big night skies filled with stars. I love our family oriented culture. Our weather is great most of the year. The food is too good! El Paso: Good food, good weather, good people!

Hannah Dixon

I fell in love the first time I visited three years ago. That love grows daily. It's not just the people, places, views, and food, it's a unique vibe that doesn't exist anywhere else. I am proud to call EP home. I love you so very much ❤️❤️

Joshua Mankey

I like to go to Downtown during Christmas. I love WinterFest!!

Alena Bustillos



I love El Paso and happy birthday 🎂

Alison Rivera

Live Love Laugh El Paso <3


The mountains. The people. The sunsets. The culture. El Paso is magical. A more perfect home I could not ask for.

Carolina Caballero

You don't know appreciation for your city until you move away for 3 years. You miss the friendliness of the people, the food, the culture, the scenery, the history. El Paso is and will always be my home. Born and raised.

R Lorena Martinez

Words can't describe the beautiful view of the sunsets, the food, the culture; that is my love for the SunCity. Happy Birthday El Paso!


I just recently moved out of El Paso but I always want to go back. I have great childhood memories like going to the Fiesta de las flores at Ascarate Park and then Washington Park. To me El Paso will always be home.

Rosalinda Villarreal

⚾️El Paso Chihuahuas.⚾️

Beautiful Friendly BORDER City , Home of a Great Baseball Team:

Great place to live !


What a beautiful city. Happy birthday El Paso!

Modesto Melendez III

I was born and raised in El Paso. My grandfather built what use to be the Farnsworth motel on Montana st.. Although I no longer live in El Paso I still have El Paso in my heart. I come from pure El Pasoans. My dad and many relatives worked for the El Paso Times/Herald Post. Can't wait to visit.

Kelli Fordyce

El Paso is a beautiful city rich in history, culture, and family values. My love for this city is sincere and I always know I am home when I look out at the mountains and the majestic, brightly lit star is looking back at me. El Paso you are home.

Emily Garcia

IT is the downtown park the people their are great

dale miller

My wife and I moved to El Paso about three years ago. We fell in love with this city and it's people immediately. The nightlife and the food are incredible here! We wouldn't want to live anywhere else. Happy 150th El Paso.❤️

Seth Pinder

I vividly remember going shopping to La Popular and at Lerners, then we would go to The Kreisler and enjoy an ice cream with my mom and abuelita! Those were the golden days! I love My Sun City, El Paso!!❤️❤️

Liz Lopez

Happy birthday El Paso! It's my birthday too! My mother is from Tampico Mexico, but I came with my family to live here. I love El Paso. Iam closer to my roots and I love good Mexican food. I am American,a Texan now. El Paso is my home now!

Makoulis Zavalas

I wish you all the best love and care from your citizens. Keep El Paso a safe family oriented city. I wish you had many cultural musical events in the future. The heart of Texas beats here too!

Happy birthday El Paso

I may leave town for a while but I always come back home.

I love El Paso!

Grace Cordova

I love you El Paso. I’ve lived here for 70 years and have loved you each day. I’ve seen you grow an become more and more hospitable each day. I started studying at UTEP when it was still Texas Western. Saw it win that historic game on our black and white TV.

Maria Esther Smith

Christmas time downtown with the white house decorations the Popular inside the store was a magic place to go. When downtown was a place to visit..Now just a small part of is Nice to go to.

Lupe Saucedo Crook

I love El Paso,my hometown. Favorite memory, alligator at the Plazota. I use to live at the Hollywood Cafe downtown till I was 4. We bought shoes at Carl's shoe store. We sho0ed at Plaza Grocery. Beautiful memories

Jolieen Gonzalez

Happy 150 El Paso! Your story is rich and it is where mine began. I was born here, received a degree, fell in love, had my children, bought my home, made memories with family and friends. And the FOOD you offer…WOW! The love I have for you is immeasurable. Cheers to the next 150! ❤️


I love my El PaSOSTRONG.

Nena Torres

Feliz 150 aniversario!. Celebramos tu rica historia y belleza única, tu espíritu acogedor y la diversidad cultural que te distingue. Que tu futuro sea tan vibrante y resistente como tus montañas, y que tu amor y hospitalidad sigan creciendo con cada nuevo amanecer.


Feliz Aniversario El Paso! Amo mi ciudad

Sebastian B

Happy 150th El Paso! :D


I've loved to see how the city has grown over the past 10 years bringing the types of events and establishments other big cities have. It's breathed new life into our city.